Saltwater and Freshwater

Saltwater Aquariums

Thanks to modern technology and the “Hollywood Effect” from aquarium related reality television shows such as “Tanked” and the wildly popular Disney’s Pixar Finding Nemo Movie, saltwater aquariums are increasingly becoming more popular within the Aquarium industry. Advances in modern technology have expanded saltwater aquarium keeping to a point where people who have never kept a saltwater aquarium can successfully do so on their first attempt. Saltwater aquariums are often recognized by their iridescent colored fish with wild markings and patterns.

Freshwater Aquariums

Freshwater Aquariums are the most common and traditional of all aquarium types. What’s most fascinating about freshwater aquariums are all the various types and range of fish that can be done in freshwater aquariums. From large predatory fish to a large grouping of community oriented fish… freshwater has it all.  Being that Freshwater Aquariums are typically easier to do and more readily available, the Freshwater Aquarium is what most everyone is familiar with and has had at one time or another.

Specialty Aquariums

Specialty Fresh and Saltwater aquariums are aquariums that have a specific theme or goal in mind. For instance a jellyfish,  seahorse, stingray or starfish aquarium. It might be a grouping or schooling of one particular fish like a group of Neon Tetras or a multitude of Cowfish. The sky is the limit on these type aquariums as virtually anything can be done…limited only by your imagination, Specialty Aquariums are one of a kind pieces of Living Art!

Saltwater Reef Aquarium

There is nothing more eye-catching and stunning than a saltwater reef aquarium. The combination of colorful fish and unqiue coral is art in motion. Reef tanks are characterized by the abundance of various living coral life form and tiny invertebrates crawling and moving around the living rock. Oftentimes the coral is swaying in a gentle current like action or you will see a pair of clownfish swimming in and out of a sea anemone. Reef aquariums are the epitome of a biotope, with a full blown ecosystem that is ever changing and providing hours of entertainment. Everything in a Coral Reef Aquarium is alive and moving..never boring as nothing ever stays the same. Reef tanks require the utmost of everything from pristine water quality to the most top end filtration and lighting available, but once you have those key elements  the Reef Aquaruim is a living breathing piece of Art.

Freshwater Plant Tank

A freshwater plant tank is one of the most interesting of all freshwater aquariums. A freshwater plant tank can be thought of as a replica of a “nature-like biotope,” with the aquatic plants not only taking center stage but performing a greater function, filtration, as well. Freshwater live plant aquariums have been in the industry for a very long time….never has it been easier than now to do one.