Ponds & Water Features


Forget the rest, and stick with the best ponds!
We subscribe to the largest manufacturer of water garden products, Aquascape,Inc. and their revolutionary Pro Pond System . We are proud to be a C.A.C. (Certified Aquascape Contractor, manufacturer certification), keeping and maintaining our certification since 2003. We offer a variety of water garden sized installations that can enhance and transform anyone’s piece of land into an aquatic paradise. In addition to their Pro Pond System,  Aquascape, Inc. manufactures a whole host of water garden products such as Fish Food, Bacteria Aids, Underwater Lighting, Pumps and Aerators just to name a few. Rest assured that the Aquascape, Inc. line of water garden products are fully comprehensive and the most cutting edge in the water garden industry!

Pondless Waterfall

Ever wanted a waterfall and stream coursing through your yard, but did not want to have any fish or even a standing body of water? Well, thanks to our ingenious manufacturer of water garden products, Aquascape, Inc, we can offer you just that. A true water feature that can be everything a typical water garden is but without having to be concerned with fish keeping. Pondless Waterfalls are water features with the main emphasis being on the waterfalls and streams. They are a recirculating waterfall and stream that have a concealed basin for storing the reusable water. They seamlessly blend in with the surrounding area and beg for attention with the constant flow of disappearing and then reappearing water. Pondless Waterfalls can be run as either part-time or full-time water features. If you have liability concerns involved in your design, then this water feature is for you. If you want a no fuss, non-fish, water-feature conversational piece, then this is it!

Water Features

Enjoy the soothing sounds of a water feature in the form of a Fountain feature. Fountain features are small decorative water features that add the pleasant sight and sound of running water. They range from container water gardens to decorative stone fountain features to ceramic and brass decorative fountain features. These features offer a wide variety of waterfeature options that can be done within a low and compact space setting. These features make for a great “curb appeal” as we often install them near  residential front door entrances. Fountain features are the perfect alternative to a full-blown water feature all the while giving you the full benefit of a full blown water feature, the sights and sounds of water… something that will be sure to attract birds and other wildlife too.

Aquatic Plants

Another major component of the natural pond system we install are aquatic plants. Aquatic plants provide shade, shelter and food for all inhabitants within the pond. In addition, aquatic plants remove excess nutrients, helping  to balance the pond, thereby keeping algae to a minimum. As with decorative pond fish, not only do they provide function, but also aquatic plants are stellar in design and color. Take advantage of your not so typical water garden and plant it up! You have what many others do not have, a garden with plants that do not have to be watered! We start stocking aquatic plants in early April. We carry a wide variety of water lilies and marginal plants. We inspect our new shipments for any “plant pests” before we re-sale them. Our holistic approach to building ponds relies heavily on aquatic plants as a major piece in any ponds success. Whether you have a small container garden or a full sized pond, Aquatic Plants are what makes a water feature bloom!

Pond Fish

Pond fish are an essential part of the natural water garden system equation. Pond fish help control mosquito larvae and aid aquatic plants by providing them with nourishment derived from their biological waste. If those aren’t enough good reasons, how about the beautiful characteristics (color, shapes and sizes) that decorative pond fish possess. Pond Fish often become the center stage of attraction in a pond, mostly noted for their powerful color patterns and constant swimming activity. We stock a wide selection of pond fish during the peak pond season months. We search out the most current and reputable source of pond fish we can find. We typically carry standard and butterfly Koi, as well as a wide variety of pond goldfish such as comets, shubunkins and sarassums. All fish are well fed and quarantined for a minimum of two weeks and are not sold until we have deemed them healthy. Often, pond Fish are an after thought to the completion of a pond feature, but soon take center stage and become the star of the show! Most people are not aware that the Japanese Koi are known to have a life span of 75 years. If you want a fish that will stick around for a while, this is the one. So be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!