Pond, Aquarium, and Water Feature Services


The Fishman, LLC offers on-site design consultation services. For a consultation fee, a designer will observe and listen to the customer’s requests. We then begin the water feature design process of incorporating the customer’s desires with all the possibilities of what we have to offer. We work to incorporate cutting edge techniques and the most current water feature construction methods in order to produce both a truly aesthetic and fully functional water feature. During the design consultation our emphasis is on the importance of making sure the water feature design succeeds both aesthetically as well as functionally


We offer a full line of installation services and wether it is from working with you directly, to working with Landscape Architects to working with your homebuilder…. we work very well with others. Some of our best projects have come from collaborative efforts and team working an installation project through to the end. The most important aspect to any installation is Good communication throughout the process. Ideas and information flow freely during many installs and it is key to communicate those to everyone involved so the most successful outcome is to be had. 


We know maintenance frontwards and back as we started out as a maintenance compay. It is our belief that fully servicing what you sell is essential to a successful water feature outcome and ongoing relationship. It is easy to build out a water is nothing but grit and integrity to stand behind what you have built. We have and will always have the intergrity and grit to stand behind what we install.